About Us

Robotools S.r.l. was the first company in Italy to design and build tool changers for both special and standard equipment in different sectors of industry. We applied innovative solutions for the blocking group. In our global age we hold high the values of a family-owned business to always keep direct customer contact.


Our Mission

The aim of Robotools is to design and produce high quality, innovative solutions and equipment for both robotics and automation for virtually any industry and suitable for varying conditions from a standard application to severe foundry conditions and harsh environment.


Products & Services

We develope and manufacture components and equipment for robotic and industrial automation that are vital for our customers. The solutions we offer can dramatically influence performance for our customers and our offer is essentially focused on consumable products designed to handle parts in any area.


Let’s grow together!

The Robotools success story is built on continuity and sustainability. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our partners.

Technical training updates your know-how. Companies representing Robotools quality around the world have corporate relations or partnerships. Thanks to these relationships, Robotools is present in Europe, North America and now also in Asia. We offer you long-term opportunities to be our partner. So if you are interested in a partnership as an agent, sales representative, distributor or any other proposal as a co-owner in a local tool shop and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Contact Info

Via Asiago 75/5
10142 Torino (TO) - ITALY

Phone: +39 011 4124237/238
FAX: +39 011 4124239
E-mail: info@robotools.it

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